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Default Re: Al Bentsen: Your Googan Days?

Well, as everyone says,you have to start somewhere... I think today,the learning curve is shortened,due to places like StriperSurf,and the folks who post here,especially guys like Al and Frank,who have forgotten more about striper fishing than most of us will ever know.When I got back into fishing,had one rod my son had given me years before for Christmas,a couple of plugs,which I really didnt know how to use,and some bait rigs.I felt lucky to get my first striper in about 3 days,especially looking back at what I was using,and my methods.5 year old mono,fishing plugs real fast,about the only thing I did right was bait fishing... Then,between what I learned here and some pointers from my son,it just started to click. I still find myself doing dumb things sometimes though...
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