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Default Re: Striper Talk -- best baits?

Originally Posted by buckeyeflyguy View Post
We dig sandworms from the beach in front of our place in Maine at low tide. They are a different species than the worms which are sold commercially and work much better, no doubt because they are what the stripers expect to see on that beach....matching the hatch, so to speak.
an old timer friend used to do that locally in NJ around Sandy Hook... he got busted by the park police (with a "warning") but kept it up as long as he kept fishing. He always found the local worms to be superior to anything else. Then again, at that time, the bunker schools had been decimated by the omega boats.

down here, until it gets colder, a bunker head is more likely to be taken by a shark than a big striper, but at least it culls out smaller anythings from messing with you.

when the stripers are around, and when active baitfish aren't present, bunker is the preferred choice.
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