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Default Re: Striper Stories ....

Two nights ago, a local striper angler, who had been hitting bass in the back waters, became bait for something they weren't expecting:

Eric Aubrey is pretty sure his waders saved him from a shark bite while he was fishing with a friend in Egg Harbor Township late Monday night.
"It was pretty intense," his buddy, Ryan Sherwood said, describing how they both sprinted out of the water when Aubrey screamed, "Oh! (expletive), shark, run!"
They both had been standing waist-deep, trying to hook some Stripers and Bluefish in the bay, when a shark, Eric believes, took a chomp.
"I just felt this tremendous amount of pressure on my left leg," Aubrey said.
Once they got out of the water, they saw what they both believe were teethmarks -- puncture wounds -- in the waders Eric had been wearing.
"When it got down to my leg, pulled my leg what caused the scratches," Aubrey said, "the leg looks like it ran through thorn bushes and cat scratches."
The men think the culprit was probably a sand tiger shark or a brown shark. Both are commonly found at the Jersey Shore, although neither is commonly known as a big biter of people.
"We're guessing it was just kind of tasting him and it tasted neoprene and said, 'This isn't food,'" Sherwood said.


Note this was behind Ocean City up one of the tribs leading to the Great Egg Harbor river.

here's a link to the video:
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