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John_P 12-04-2017 05:19 PM

Did you ever consider being an editor?
Hi did you ever consider what life would have been like on the other side of the desk? I?m very curious if that job might have appealed to you at some point in the past (or even now). Thanks

Francis Daignault 12-05-2017 03:47 PM

Re: Did you ever consider being an editor?
Great question. No. Never! Editors work too hard and I always wanted the freedom to live my own life. For one thing, I worshiped commercial fishing. When rod and reel commercial fishing ended I had become independently wealthy; not through selling fish but I made a lot of right moves, good investments, staying married and retirement. I feel sorry for those poor buggars. They have to be talented in both literature and the outdoor specialty of their publication. Besides, the world does not love its editors. The world loves its authors. :dunno:

Francis Daignault 12-06-2017 02:24 PM

Re: Did you ever consider being an editor?
Other occupations, like editing, do not pay as well as teaching. Remember, I was in the top step and was given an additional stipend for having a Masters Degree and I had the summers off where I could pursue commercial striper fishing and gather material for writing. I had also begun gun/hunting writing for a while but I had so much fishing writing, had so much of a reputation in angling that I backed off the gun world submissions. I was only a full time writer after I retired from teaching. Even then, my pension helped it to work and my wife stayed in teaching while I was screwing around in the woods and beaches. Remember also, that while all this stuff was going on I was getting older, getting to the point where I was taking the beans out of the jar. Unless you are a best selling author -- Tom Clancy, Steven King -- writing alone is no big deal. My old editor, Frank Woolner, who mentored me though the mine fields of life for many years, once told me stay in my day job where I had benefits, union protection, and the time to fish and hunt. Stay married and don't borrow money and you will have it knocked.

Francis Daignault 12-30-2017 03:42 PM

Re: Did you ever consider being an editor?
Some publications have editors that should find another line of work. It makes you wonder if some editors married the publishers daughter.

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