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Eastern Tides
A Surfcaster's Life

by Frank Daignault

rom the writer of five other striper books on surfcasting, the never before told stories of the author’s life and times on his storied "Striper Coast". In an autobiography filled with drama, humor, and home spun genuineness, Daignault has woven a tapestry of surfcasting mid-watch hunts, family concerns, time passage, fear, death, assaults and the historical issues of the fall and subsequent rise of striped bass.

Eastern Tides, A Surfcaster's Life, Photo  Dick Daignault

This is an exciting narrative on rod and reel commercial fishing from the beach set on both Cape Cod and Rhode Island, from an era we will probably never see again. Encountering the gnawing guilt suffered by many of the "meat fishermen" of the time, you can’t help but develop a feel for what people are willing to do to catch striped bass.

Eastern Tides is about fishing first, but is most of all about some of America’s institutions – the good and the bad. It is a Coast Guard story, a family love story, a painful reminder of the war we forgot, and of a dedicated old guard from a time we will never see again. The character development alone in his sensitive literary treatment of his beach gang is worth the price of admission. The adventures, heroics, and true-to-life connected dramas which Daignault shares are certain to keep readers glued to the sand and sea draped pages past mid-night. Have a crying towel handy because this book is not just about fishing. It is Vintage Reserve Daignault at his authoritative best. You know he was there.

"Here's the one Daignault fans have been waiting for - stories that run the gamut from wet-palm adventures to those that will break your heart. Like the man himself, Daignault's stories grab life in two fists, taking you on a no-compromise ride that'll have you laughing, cheering and weeping by turns. It's one helluva trip by the Striper Coast's most colorful chronicler at the top of his game."

– Jerry Gibbs, Fishing Editor, Outdoor Life

Copyright 1998-2014 Frank Daignault, All Rights Reserved

Frank Daignault
Frank Daignault is the author of Striper Surf, Twenty Years on the Cape, Striper Hot Spots, The Trophy Striper, Eastern Tides and Fly Fishing the Striper Surf. Autographed copies of any of these books can be ordered directly from Frank, HERE.

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