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Fly Fishing the Striper Surf
by Frank Daignault
Fly Fishing the Striper SurfReleased by Burford Books, Fly Fishing the Striper Surf is the only fishing book in print that deals exclusively with fly fishing from the shore and strictly for stripers.

The author's intimate knowledge of the striper surf has been combined with a lifetime of fly fishing to blow the squid stink off of what is known about catching linesides from the beach the way God wanted sport fishing with the fly. This offers over 200 pages and 50 photos of fishing, equipment, beach reading, conditions study, and situations that teach. For good measure, he examines the striper coast's opportunities and hot spots where fly-fishing is done. Included is an exciting and informative natural history of striped bass spiced with an examination of Frank's 50 years of fly-fishing. One advanced comment says it all:

"I just love it that everyone's striper idol has written a fly-fishing book! His is a very important contribution to the sport because this is not a fly fisherman who decided to fish for stripers. This is from a bona fide striper expert who added the fly rod to his toolbox over a generation ago. It's the real deal."
Steve Melillo, New Jersey Striper Fisherman

And here's a "brilliant" review:

"Daignault's latest striper book takes the clang out of fly fishing's mess kits while putting a little dirt under the fingernails of fly fishing. He has replaced the effete, Gray Poupon image surfcasters all laugh about with the true squid stink of the striper surf. Who else?"
Bob D'Amico -

This latest exhilarating foray to the striper surf in Daignault's long list of surf books details the issues with which fly fishers will be confronted while in pursuit of stripers from shore. Details are exclusively shore fishing, always at night, with a powerful treatment of situations anglers in this specialty are likely to encounter. Complete with a telling section on striped bass natural history and some of Daignault's never before published particulars on pet fly patterns.


Copyright © 1998-2014 Frank Daignault, All Rights Reserved

Frank Daignault
Frank Daignault is the author of Striper Surf, Twenty Years on the Cape, Striper Hot Spots, The Trophy Striper, Eastern Tides and Fly Fishing the Striper Surf. Autographed copies of any of these books can be ordered directly from Frank, HERE.

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