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Frank and Joyce Daignault

Frank Daignault

rank Daignault published his first article on surf fishing in Salt Water Sportsman magazine in 1970. Since then his hundreds of articles have appeared in Fishing World, Sports Afield, Outdoor Life, Fins and Feathers, Salmon, Trout and Steelheader, Fly Fishing, The Fisherman Papers, Gun World, Shotgun Sports, NJ Angler and the Fisherman. Among his hardcover contributions are sections in Peterson's Complete Book of Sportfishing, Mariners's Catalog, Surf Fishing With The Experts and All About Surf Fishing.

Daignault has lectured on striped bass and surfcasting for outdoor exhibitions and sportsmen's clubs around New England, New York and New Jersey since 1979. As a member of the New England Outdoor Writers Association, he was honored in 1983 by the Daiwa Corporation for his encouragement of youth fishing. He is also a member of the Outdoor Writers of America.

Joyce Daignault Frank retired in 1989 to concentrate on writing, fishing and hunting. During his working years he served as a Navy yeoman, an aircraft machinist with Pratt and Whitney Aircraft as well as a marine mechanic in the Polaris Missle Program. He earned his master's degree in industrial education at age 41 from Rhode Island College and was a teacher of technical education in Johnston, Rhode Island for 23 years.

Frank has been a major contributing writer for since 1999 and hosts the “Ask Frank Daignault Forum” of the Message Boards. Frank and his wife Joyce “HQ” in Millville, Massachusetts from which they continue to pursue striped bass, and hunt for deer and wild turkey.

His first three books, Twenty Years on the Cape My Time as a Surfcaster, Striper Surf and Striper Hot Spots have gone through numerous printings. In 1999 Frank completed his fourth book, The Trophy Striper which was edited by Joyce Daignault. Published by Burford Books it became an immediate bestseller and is in its third print release.

His fifth book, Eastern Tides - A Surfcaster's Life, released in August 2002 has been acclaimed as his best to date.

"Daignault stories grab life in two fists, taking you on a no-compromise ride that'll have you laughing, cheering and weeping by turns. It's one helluva trip."

Published in hard back, Eastern Tides sold out except for a large “stash” Frank keeps for individual purchases from readers. A paperback edition is now available.

Frank's sixth book, Fly Fishing the Striper Surf was also published by Burford Books. A synopsis of the book is available HERE.

To read the reviews of all Frank's books check out the Books page on this web site.

Frank Daignault is the author of Striper Surf, Twenty Years on the Cape, Striper Hot Spots, The Trophy Striper, Eastern Tides and Fly Fishing the Striper Surf. Autographed books can be purchased directly from Frank; Order Form »

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