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September 11, 2002
Grumblings, Ramblings and Fish Stories
by Bob D'Amico

thought I was over the shock until last week when I saw a program on the History Channel. It was mostly still photos taken by professional and amateur photographers in New York. Nearly a year later I fought back tears at the images before me and thought "My God how could there be people so cruel in this world?"

Actually I'm better and I hope you are better than a year ago, I spent hours in front of the television then, sighing and always fighting back tears, I'm not ashamed to admit it. We all still have great compassion for those that perished, for the wives, husbands, lovers, children, families and friends. I can only imagine how crushed I would be if I had lost Carole or one of my daughters in the World Trade Center or Pentagon. Neither Carole nor I have visited "Ground Zero," somehow it would be sacrilegious to me. When there is a memorial I will go.

I've been thinking a lot about those 45 people on United Flight 93, the one that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Anyone who has served in the military and especially any veteran who has been in action will admit that the first priority is survival, kill the enemy but survive. One never puts oneself in immediate mortal danger unless there is no choice. The men and women who have done that, receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. In many cases posthumously. In a firefight you don't think about America and the flag, you think about your comrades, your battalion, maybe your regiment. You never think about the big picture, history. Most of all you think about the guy next to you and hope that he won't run. That's the truth.

Perhaps not all 45 people on flight 93 willingly gave their lives but to me they are all great heroes. Where was that plane going? Undoubtedly it was headed for Washington, DC, the Capitol Building or the White House. These 45 souls changed history, American and world history. What would the world be like today if these people did not fight back and die for us?

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