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Gone Fishing
October 2001
Grumblings, Ramblings and Fish Stories
by Bob D'Amico

t's amazing to reflect how much of our world and our lives have changed in the last month. American history now has two days of infamy, December 7th 1941 and September 11th 2001.

My personal life has changed as well, my company has been teetering on the edge for most of 2001 and the last month made us hit the wall. They're not out of business but will need to basically start over again. Most of the employees are gone, including yours truly. I have to be honest though, I'm glad I've joined the ranks of the unemployed, I could no longer stand going to the office each morning, attending meetings on projects that will never get off the ground and smiling at the CEO who led the company into oblivion while raking in the cash.

Now one would think that I would also be happy to be "free" since I can go fishing whenever I want but right now but like many people I've been struggling with the results of September 11th. I forced myself to go this past Saturday with my brother-in-law and nephew and thankfully it was a beautiful day, with clear skies and temperatures in the 70's. We went to Island Beach State Park, catching the outgoing high tide in the morning and the incoming high in the early evening.

We didn't do well at all, missed some fish and Steve landed a 17 inch fluke but had to toss it back since fluke season is closed. Once the sun was fully up we switched to live clams on High - Low rigs. I also spent about 90 minutes taking a power nap in the truck during dead low tide so I was in pretty good shape for the rest of the day. Several guys told me that the Bunker Boats had been close inshore all week sweeping the beaches clean. The fishing was so slow I believe it.

The real drama of the day was trying to help a guy get his brand new Ford Escape free from the incoming high tide. I was amazed the Escape's wheels were swept by two waves and was firmly stuck. There were at least six guys helping but the tide was coming in fast and the Escape just dug itself in, down to its frame. Of course we tried to pull it free and dig it free but this truck wouldn't budge. As I was calling the Mobil station in Seaside Park for the big tow truck to make a fast trip to save the Escape a Park Ranger pulled up in a Ford Expedition with an electric winch. The winch did the trick, got the Escape free but it was touch and go for a while.

When the Ford Escape was initially introduced, a friend asked me what I thought about it. I told him it didn't look like it would be a good beach vehicle because of the two angled struts on the rear wheels. After Saturday I'm sure that it's not a good truck for the beach.

After the Escape got free we headed north past the A23 access towards the A7 access. We got as far as A11 before the high water was up to the dunes blocking off the tracks. I had to back up a hundred yards to a spot where there was a few extra feet of width and then turned the Jeep around and headed south again. Steve couldn't believe how easily the Jeep turned in such a tight space but hey it's a Jeep and the driver is highly skilled!

This week I had hoped to see the Yankees in the American League Championship Series against the Indians. I figured that if the Yankees lose I would rather see the Indians representing the American League rather than the Seattle "Latte" Mariners. There are two teams in the American League I despise, the A's and the Mariners. It would have been nice if the Phillies and the Cubs made the playoffs but maybe next year. How about those Red Sox, self destructing again, I definitely believe that the curse of the Bambino exists!

I am so pleased with President Bush, he is not caving in to the peace protestors here, in Europe or the violent protests in the Middle East. I'm not old enough to remember President "Give 'em Hell" Harry Truman but Bush must surely be made of the same stuff, the right stuff! I think he's got Saddam Hussein sweating a lot right now because he's surely involved and Bush's team must be planning a way to take him out.

If the Pakistani's and Indians don't start a full-fledged war or start tossing nukes at each other we will get the Taliban and at least the bodies of Osma and his cronies. Ideally it would be better to get Osma alive and turn him over to the Saudi's for a quick trial and a public execution but that's not going to happen and I don't trust the Saudi's. Another novel idea is to sentence him to life imprisonment working at a hog farm in North Carolina!

You have to admire Rudy Giuliani, he's also made of the right stuff and doesn't take any claptrap from anyone. I guess the Saudi's are very mad at his return of their $10 million but there was no way he could accept it after the comments by that Saudi "Prince." Ten million is chump change to them anyway; they should give NYC a check for 10 Billion! Plus a billion to the families of those killed at the Pentagon and 10 million each to the families of each person killed on the four hijacked airliners. Then they should just go home and shut up while we save their kingdom, again.

As far as the Anthrax situation, I vote for the immediate death penalty when they catch these terrorists. By immediate I mean a bullet in the head right after they are "interrogated" and given a speedy trial. After all our Constitution guarantees swift justice, right?

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