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his is a collection of a few of the very best books available for the novice or experienced striped bass fisherman. I have read each of them and include my personal opinion and rating. Some of them are practical, straight forward, "how to" guides, others are also "educational" but a good read and then there are a couple of wonderful books full of stories of men fighting the weather, wind, water and tides in their quest for the "Monarch of the Sea", the Striped Bass.

Important Note: does NOT earn any commissions from the sale of these books, our recommendations are only as a service to you and the author. Where listed you can order an autographed book directly from the author. For the other books the ISBN number is listed in bold, you can use any of the online book stores, do a search with the number and you will find it! Or how about going down to your local book store!

Striper Surf Striper Surf
by Frank Daignault Review:  When I first saw this book I thought Frank must have stolen the title from my Dad but since they never met I'll let him go, but with these words; If there ever was a fishing book that you can't put down this is it. Daignault writes with intensity, clarity, and a touch of humor. Whether you are new to striped bass surf fishing or have twenty years experience this is one book you should have in your "library".

Our Rating:5 Stars
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Everything from equipment to lures and baits is covered in this how-to book, including the history of striper fishing, how to fish successfully and safely at night, and sure-fire baiting techniques.
New England
Striper Hot Spots: Mid-Atlantic and New England editions
The Top Surfcasting Locations

Mid-Atlantic Edition covers North Carolina to Connecticut
New England Edition covers Rhode Island to Maine

by Frank Daignault Review:  Brand new for 2011, fully updated editions of the classic Striper Hot Spots, the book that revolutionized striper fishing. These two excellent books ranks the top locations along the striper coast, tells you the best methods to use, how to get there, who to talk to and when to go.
You might even learn something new about your favorite location!

Our Rating:5 Stars
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Eastern Tides, A Surfcaster's Life, Photo © Dick Daignault Eastern Tides A Surfcaster's Life
by Frank Daignault Review: From the writer of five other striper books on surfcasting, the never before told stories of the author’s life and times on his storied "Striper Coast." In an autobiography filled with drama, humor, and home spun genuineness, Daignault has woven a tapestry of surfcasting mid-watch hunts, family concerns, time passage, fear, death, assaults and the historical issues of the fall and subsequent rise of striped bass.

This is an exciting narrative on rod and reel commercial fishing from the beach set on both Cape Cod and Rhode Island, from an era we will probably never see again. Encountering the gnawing guilt suffered by many of the "meat fishermen" of the time, you can’t help but develop a feel for what people are willing to do to catch striped bass.
More information here.

Our Rating:5 Stars
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"Here's the one Daignault fans have been waiting for - stories that run the gamut from wet-palm adventures to those that will break your heart. Like the man himself, Daignault's stories grab life in two fists, taking you on a no-compromise ride that'll have you laughing, cheering and weeping by turns. It's one helluva trip by the Striper Coas's most colorful chronicler at the top of his game."
– Jerry Gibbs, Fishing Editor, Outdoor Life
Fly Fishing the Striper Surf Fly Fishing the Striper Surf
by Frank Daignault
Review:  Released by Burford Books, Fly Fishing the Striper Surf is the only fishing book in print that deals exclusively with fly fishing from the shore and strictly for stripers.

The author's intimate knowledge of the striper surf has been combined with a lifetime of fly fishing to blow the squid stink off of what is known about catching linesides from the beach the way God wanted sport fishing with the fly. This offers over 200 pages and 50 photos of fishing, equipment, beach reading, conditions study, and situations that teach. For good measure, he examines the striper coast's opportunities and hot spots where fly-fishing is done. Included is an exciting and informative natural history of striped bass spiced with an examination of Frank's 50 years of fly-fishing.

Our Rating:5 Stars
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"I just love it that everyone's striper idol has written a fly-fishing book! His is a very important contribution to the sport because this is not a fly fisherman who decided to fish for stripers. This is from a bona fide striper expert who added the fly rod to his toolbox over a generation ago. It's the real deal." - Steve Melillo, New Jersey Striper Fisherman
Twenty Years on the Cape Twenty Years on the Cape
My Time as a Surfcaster

by Frank Daignault Review:  The best book ever written about Surf Fishing, "Twenty Years" has become THE Classic.

The late Frank Woolner, reviewing for SaltWater Sportsman in 1990 said that ..... " Daignault's is a love story of wonderful fireside reading for all who adore Cape Cod and its storied mix of striped bass and bluefish. While the author has worked in many anecdotes, he does not neglect the occasionally different and productive techniques from years on the beaches. Daignault is a skilled writer who can combine how-to and romance to ensure pleasant reading. It is the story of an era that we will probably never see again."

Our Rating:5 Stars
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A family biography on rod and reel commercial fishing from the beach for striped bass set on Cape Cod, Massachusetts during the 60's and 70's. Daignault has woven the rise and fall of striper populations with the growing up of his four children who ply the "Striper Surf" during their formative years. The book drips with the kind of adventure that it would take a lifetime to experience.

"Once they passed into the cooler water east of Monomoy, the rythmn of their pace seemed to accelerate. There were a few thousand of them, their flanks glistening slightly among the ones nearer the surface. Still, from most anglers they were ghostlike because their lateral lines caused them to blend with the ever changing strat lines of the water and its bars."

"They moved oblivious to the currents of the Monomoy Cut, unconscious to the rise in tide from the north, determined by a course set by a millennium of previous generations."

Trophy Striper The Trophy Striper
by Frank Daignault Review:  Released in 1999 by New Jersey publisher Burford Books, The Trophy Striper is now in its second printing. Illustrated with more than 60 photos, the 65,000 word tome's purpose is to bridge what he recalls of moby linesides to the future monster fishing on the close horizon. Few would argue that with the return of bass in the post moratorium period that the next stone in the road for coastal fishing will be size. It is Daignault's purpose to effectively warn of the pitfalls which present themselves when fishing for something more than a mere "keeper."

While much of the experience outlined here has a surf spin, (anyone surprised?) the new book includes some great boat fishing anecdotes. Unlike Striper Surf or Twenty Years on the Cape, it will be for everyone, everyone, that is, who fishes for striped bass.

Our Rating:5 Stars
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"One night, rounding the curve of the beach east of Race Point Station, we could see the lines of surfmen in the partial moonlight, many into fish. There must have been close to a hundred casters spread along the quarter mile of shore many of whom were taking fish off or resting -- with the fish hitting for so long that anglers were too exhausted to continue. The gale whipped seas had stripers swimming through the sides of frosty swells like dusky ghosts that departed before you spot cast them. It is something to be among a mob of fishermen who are so wiped out that there is all the room you want for fishing, if you can find room to park. That mind-blowing school of monsters which had taken up residence, fish so big that if we could have seen them clearly we would have feared standing in the surf, was there ....big time. Of the four stripers that I had, three were over 40 pounds. Many more of that size were caught, and there were some over 50. The golden dream of surfcasters everywhere became a reality for many that night, if not certainly that season."
The Complete Kayak Fisherman The Complete Kayak Fisherman
by Ric Burnley Summary: For a sport that is relatively new and constantly changing, this book, no doubt, will become "the Bible" for kayak fishing enthusiasts. The book really is complete, from choosing a kayak, outfitting a "yak" with rod-holders, electronics, storage, anchoring systems, and more, plus techniques for fighting fish from the kayak and full safety guidelines, it's all covered in this book. The rigging section is especially good because it includes numerous "how-to" pictures which should prevent even a novice from drilling a hole in the wrong place.

If you are a novice, buy this book! If you are already a seasoned yak fishermen, buy this book! Before you buy a new kayak, buy this book!

Our Rating:5 Stars

Available online from the publisher, Burford Books

Review - Pete Barrett, Former Executive Editor, The Fisherman
"For veteran or newbie, this is the ultimate ‘yak fishing guide, written by a talented guy with plenty of enthusiasm and know-how. The Complete Kayak Fisherman is chock-full of proven, time-tested tips. If you fish from a kayak, or want to try, this is the best information you’ll find anywhere – period."
Fishing the NJ Coast Fishing the New Jersey Coast
A Guide to the Best and Most Productive Beach,
Bay and Inshore Locations

by Captain Jim Freda, Shorecatch Guide Service Review: I have to be honest Jim Freda is a good friend of mine. Not only is he a great fisherman, outstanding writer, highly respected teacher and runs the best Life Guard team in New Jersey but he's also one of the most decent and likeable persons you will ever meet. I hope you do.

The "spawning" of this book came about one day when I received a telephone call from Peter Burford, the publisher of Burford Books. He asked me if I or someone I knew could write a book about fishing in New Jersey I was shocked and immediately declined but just as fast told him about Jim. Peter called Jim and as they say, the rest is history, except that Jim had a ton of work to do.

Fishing the New Jersey Coast covers the entire coast, from Upper Raritan Bay to the Cape May Rips, it doesn't miss a spot. Included are tips on the best tackle, bait, lures and techniques for the full range of sportfish in New Jersey plus local "color." Whether you are an experienced fisherman, a novice or just visiting for a week "at the shore" this is the one book that will help you catch more fish.


Our Rating:5 Stars
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Saltwater Fishing - A Tactical Approach Saltwater Fishing - A Tactical Approach
A Guide for Beach and Boat Fishermen

by Captain Jim Freda, Capt. Gene Quigley and Shell E. Caris Shorecatch Guide Service Review: Written for the intermediate to advanced fishermen, Saltwater Fishing - A Tactical Approach is clearly aimed at taking your fishing performance and success up several notches. This book covers it all, the best tips and tactics for fishing the beach, jetty, back bay and inshore or offshore locations from either the beach or boat. Not just simple information but deatils for each period of the fishing season and each type of fishing, Jetties, Surf, Back Bays, Inshore and Offshore plus sections on gearing up, baits, flies, boats and much more.

Our Rating:5 Stars
Order an Autographed Copy Direct from the Authors
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"Freda, Quigley and Caris are three of the hardest fishing and most knowledgeable fishermen I know, and their book is a must even for anglers who think they know it all."
– AL RISTORI Saltwater Fishing Editor, The Star - Ledger, Newark, NJ; Regional Editor, Salt Water Sportsman; Conservation Editor, The Fisherman

The Complete Guide to Surfcasting The Complete Guide to Surfcasting
by Joe Cermele — Fishing EditorField & Stream Magazine Review:  There has been a big gap in “surfcasting” book offerings for many years. The last “complete” book on surfcasting was written by C. Boyd Pfeiffer, back in 1989. Not only has quite a bit changed in surfcasting in the last 22 years but Joe Cermele’s The Complete Guide to Surfcasting is really complete, surpassing Pfeiffer’s tome. The Complete Guide to Surfcasting covers the entire saltwater coastline of the United States! This is not a book just about striped bass and bluefish, the chapters, that’s plural as in two chapters, cover seventeen (17) different saltwater fish plus Pelagics, e.g. False Albacore, Bonito and Spanish “Macks.”

Read more: StriperSurf Interview with Joe Cermele

Our Rating:5 Stars
Order Online Direct from the Publisher - Burford Books

The Striped Bass Chronicles
The Saga of America's Great Game Fish

by George Reiger, Christopher Reiger (Illustrator) Review: A historical review of the striper in American waters and a reminiscence of striped bass fishing from the Field and Stream conservation editor. This book covers all the main fishing areas but concentrates on the Mid Atlantic region. Reiger states that the striper has been fished to the brink of instinction on three occasions and builds a compelling case for a possible future crash.

Our Rating:5 Stars
Hardcover: 212 pages ; Publisher: The Lyons Press;
ISBN: 155821478X; (1997)

Stripers Stripers: An Angler's Anthology
by John R. Waldman (Editor), John Cole Review: John Waldman has put together a wonderful collection of stories of surfcasters and this greatest of all game fish. For those among us who have yet to take home their first keeper, read this book and take heart because you are not alone, it has never been easy. For those who have been through the glory days, the years of decline and the resurgence of this wonderful fish you will come away with a deeper appreciation of the striper and our mutual obsession.
From the Foreword by John Cole:
"There is no fish more American than the striper. It swims from sea to shining sea. Riding a moon tide's elemental surge, these gleaming bronze and silver creatures cruise our innermost salt marsh creeks, sliding silent beneath a great oak's dark shadow as they glide by farm fields of salt hay.
For these splendid creatures are masters of all manner of marine environments. ...the striper swims for all, this captivating creature: exquisite, strong, large, powerful, wild and yet available to those who make the effort and the sacrifice to learn to know it. And there is the striper's ultimate paradox. Because by the time the striper has taught you what you need to know, you have so come to love this greatest of American game fishes that you can only wish it well. Godspeed! you say as you set free what once you most wanted to possess."

Our Rating:5 Stars
Hardcover: 176 pages ; Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing;
ISBN: 0070678103; (1997)

Strong, shrewd, and stout of heart, striped bass evoke among fishermen a reverence and appreciation few other fish inspire. This collection-the first to celebrate this extraordinary fish-features writers such as T.C. Boyle, John Cole, Nelson Bryant and Ian Frazier. The 23 stories reflect on the romance, history, diversity and lore of striped bass fishing.
Striper: A Story of Fish and Man
by John N. Cole, Marvin Kuhn (Illustrator) Review: No one has written a better book than John Cole's personal story of his life and the striped bass. Truly a moving piece and one that will make you fully appreciate this magnificent sport fish. It may even change your perspective and turn you into a committed member of the catch and release fraternity. It changed many of us! A great book to read in the off season when you're waiting for the return of the linesiders and baseball!
"Men who know the striper know it to be a creature of strength and sinew, endowed with a unique determination to survive. Like shafts of muscular light, the striped bass races through arcs of breaking waves, swirls in the white water of rolling surf, rolls in the tumult of a riptide, somehow finding the power in its broad tail and bronze shoulders to master currents that no other creature can navigate.
If there is a reason for this, the same men who say the striper is courageous and vital also explain that these qualities are the heritage of its dangerous beginnings. From the early days of its genesis in the darkness of the swirling Nanticoke, out of the murk of millions of its brothers' drifting skeletons, from the terror of the first hunt, its earliest killings, and the attacks of other predators upon it, the surviving striper emerges with a sinewed heart, a vast capacity for courage, a determined will to live. Having endured so much of the nearness of death, the creature generates an extraordinary exuberance for life."

Our Rating:5 Stars
Paperback: 272 pages Publisher: The Lyons Press;
ISBN: 1558210407 (1989)

The Striped Bass The Striped Bass
by Nick Karras Review: The modern "Bible" for all striped bass fishermen. This book is full of information on striped bass; the history, physiology, distribution and migration patterns, growth and feeding plus of course, fishing techniques, tackle, methods and even recipes.
Hint: If you want to pass the Surfcasters' Quiz on a regular basis you need this book.
Our Rating:5 Stars
Hardcover: 500 pages Publisher: The Lyons Press;
ISBN 1558212590; 2nd edition (December 1, 1993)
Stripers and Streamers
Successful Flies, Techniques and Other Insights

by Ray Bondorew Review: Ray has put forty years of fly fishing experience into this volume. Full of good tips for the newbie and the experienced. Most of all this is a good book to read during a Nor'easter while you wait for your next foray onto the the striper surf.
Chapter Three--Stone Churned to Sand. (Fishing Beaches)
"As spring turns into summer the arms of the sea give a gentle push out to baitfish and stripers. Fishing now moves out to along the coast. Ocean beaches are one location that provide excellent striper fishing from summer through fall. Described in this chapter are not only fishing techniques, but a fisherman's description of this area's physical characteristics. Characteristics formed by the surf's constant churning of stone into sand."

Our Rating:5 Stars
Paperback: 120 pages; Publisher: Frank Amato Pubns;
ISBN: 1571880720; (1996)

Author Ray Bondorew presents a lifetime of knowledge about fly-fishing for striped bass, a favorite quarry among saltwater anglers. Bondorew covers technique, fly selection, and even related pleasures such as bird watching. As Lefty Kreh says, "we are lucky [Bondorew] shares his hard-earned lessons with all striped bass fishermen."
Bluefishing Bluefishing
by Henry Lyman Review: Everyone loves a bluefish "Blitz" when the fish are roiling in the surf and the bunker are flying through the air but this book tells you how to hunt for them as well. Full of practical information for the surf, jetty, pier and even from a boat (what's that?). Lures, tackle, bait and even fly fishing, the coolest way to catch a blue.
Our Rating:5 Stars
Paperback: 160 pages ; Publisher: The Lyons Press;
ISBN: 0941130584; (1991)
The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots
by Peter Owen, Charles Jardine Review: You can spend two and three times more for books on knots but this is the best most practical book in print. It measures 4" x 6" so you can throw it in the truck and always have the info you need, when you need it.
Our Rating:5 Stars
Paperback: 80 pages; Publisher: Burford Books;
ISBN: 1580800645; (1998)
Crystal-clear, step-by-step line drawings guide the fisherman through the 24 most useful knots used in all forms of fishing. Loops, line splices, snells, leader attachments, and many more are included, plus the latest in the increasingly popular knot-tying tools and line connectors. 100+ line drawings.
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