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Frank Daignault
Frank has his own special section of articles but here is the list. Frank is probably the most widely known and respected surf caster of the last 30 years. He is recognized as the top writer of outdoor articles especially about striped bass surf fishing. Frank is the author of six books, Eastern Tides, Striper Surf, Fly Fishing the Striper Surf, Twenty Years on the Cape, The Trophy Striper and Striper Hot Spots.

Go HERE for complete information on Frank.

Montauk on My Right And Provincetown on my Left 
A exclusive, one of Frank Daignault's earliest and best articles. Originally published in 1970 by Saltwater Sportsman magazine.

Beyond the Keeper An excerpt from The Trophy Striper
"I'm not really sure how the tradition began, but the most acclaimed measure of a trophy striper is that of 50-pounds. Maybe it was a milestone that combined the right quantities of rarity and possibility. Reporting for the New York Times fall of '98 Andrea Kannapell, while interviewing Scott Parker from Montauk, quoted him about such fish: “..... a 50-pounder? he said. I'd French-kiss it!”

Herring Choices for Spring Striper Fishing
"Whenever bass are in the vicinity of a herring run, you can usually hear them sloshing and rolling on the herring. The patient angler is certain to take any of these fish, if using live herring. However, if you are getting runs from the takes of bass and find the fish hard to hook, it is a clear sign that...."

How They Hit
"...hits are mouthed gently and noticed by a subtle tap, tap, tap that can barely be felt in the rod. Yet, unaccountably strikes will come - same bait and species - that are so violent that you have to bury the sand spike deep to keep from losing the rod. You would be surprised how many great fish have caught themselves while the eggs were frying on the tailgate."

Hurricane An excerpt from Twenty Years on the Cape 
"...I couldn't get the hell out of there fast enough. Race Station had disappeared in a shroud of gray, there were no boats at sea, no planes in the sky. I could read the headlines: "Man dies in Cape Hurricane." More >

Inside Narragansett Bay
"Face it, weather considerations are a frequent fly in the fishing ointment. But many locations which are exposed to open water that carry passing hurricanes, nor'easters and lesser linestorms are adjacent to protected estuarine spots which both harbor good sport fishing and protection from often wild and silted water. You can save the trip by heading "inside". Places like the Cape Cod Canal, Narragansett Bay, Pleasant Bay, Great Bay, New Hampshire, Boston Harbor, to name only some on a way longer list, can keep you fishing when others have thrown in the towel."

Migrating Stripers: How Will You Do?
"Surfcasting in the Fall carries images of abundant bait, diving birds, crowds casting a wind beach, and more fish than you can use. We all know that wild fishing is the way it is supposed to be, but, frequently, what sounds good on paper is prevented from actually happening by conditions. There is no question that Fall blitzes will happen. Still, how often and with what intensity is determined by..."

Moby Stripers Then and Now
"Somehow the passage of time has a way of muddying the actual opportunities that the striper fishers had back in the old days. It is all quite natural but the spread of years, the passage of time, paints an altered picture of the opportunities that your father and uncles really had to catch moby stripers. It is a trap in how we view things that should be both clarified and remembered...."

Your Big Striper Chances
"A truly big striper has to be drawn from natural advantages. A lean fish in May is the way she is because of winter, spawning, migration and the poor feeding opportunities of spring. Like the land, the sea has less forage to offer. By mid-summer, however, the seasons are working for you where bellies sag heavy with bait and the fish condition themselves for another cycle. That same fish will be bigger in the fall."

The Forgotten Cape 
"All you ever hear about is the beach fishing on Nauset and in Provincetown. These spots are okay, I'll admit, but let's talk about the forgotten Cape, the part of Cape Cod that is often overlooked. Fishing Cape Cod without a buggy, daytime angling in a small charter boat, fly fishing the Monomoy flats, walking an unfettered shoreline with light tackle in the deep night. These are examples...."

Bob D'Amico
Asleep at the Wheel 
Embarrassing stuff like this happens when you get old, your mind does wander and ramble around when you are fishing solo. I still have never seen the Governor on the beach but it's still crawling with "Eddie Haskells" from around the state.

Bait Fishing, Let's Get Serious

Beach Buggy (4x4) Off Road Equipment
Beach Buggy Equipment, "Rules of the Road" and Getting UNStuck. Island Beach State Park (NJ), Assateague Island National Seashore (MD) and Cape Cod National Sea Shore (MA).

Team StriperSurf: Three time champions of “The Beating on the Beach.” New Jersey Angler Magazine Classic Surf Fishing Tournament at Island Beach State Park, NJ

Chunk Bait Fishing Fishing with Clams
Chunk Bait Fishing Fishing with Clams

Chunk Bait Fishing 
Chunking bait is smelly, dirty and messy but gamefish love chunks. This article is applicable to any bait; Menhaden (commonly called Bunker, Mossbunker, Pogy), Mackeral, Herring, Anchovy or whatever is prevalent in your waters.

Fishing with Clams 
The full story of the western Atlantic surf clam; anatomy, range, reproduction, handling, history plus the truth about the Native American Lenni Lenape (Delaware) Indian Tribe of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania (what we learned in school was total bull).

Island Beach State Park
The history and general information on the Park, plus information on Mobile Sport Fishing Vehicle permits, equipment required and basic rules of the beach.

Fishing at Island Beach State Park
Map and key "spots" at Island Beach State Park, NJ.

Fishing with the Master: - Part I
Al McReynolds - Former IGFA Striped Bass World Record Holder
"Don’t cast there, those are blues", "No those are only shorts, there’s bigger fish over there", "Don’t let your plug splash down like that", "Cast to your left, there’s a big’un." "Slow down, now speed up, STOP, crank, HIT IT!" For every bass I hooked, Al hooked and landed three."
Fishing with the Master: Part II - Lessons Learned
"I realized that as we talked his eyes never strayed from his rod tip for more than an instant. I was standing there holding my rod looking at the water, the sky, the birds and whatever when Al strolls over and says, "You just had a hit, didn’t you feel it?" "What, I replied, all I can feel right now are the breakers pulling my line". "I’d hit it if I were you, I think you got a bass playing...."

The Column - Grumblings, Ramblings and Fish Stories

Captain Steve Byrne
“You Seen Any Bunkah?” 
“Not only do I fish with bunker, but I do it with heavy gear. Thirty to forty-pound-test is the norm, on heavy conventional gear. The fact is that I am looking for big fish. This isn't tea and crackers fishing. It's more like meat and potatoes. Tossing a fresh, bloody chunk of bunker in front of feeding bass is like dropping a donut in a pigpen.”

Livelining Menhaden for Striped Bass 
“Throw it near the rocks,” I instructed, and Jim lobbed the 2-pound bunker as he was told. It hit the surface with a distinct “splat.” His line jumped nervously as the boat drifted back, and then line started peeling off..... ”

December Stripers 
“While it sounds semi-crazy to some, December is one of the best times of year to catch stripers from Brooklyn to Cape May. The fall migration is at a fever pitch, and contrary to popular belief, the bass will bite right up to Christmas and beyond!”

Chris Chivers - The New York Times
The Legendary Return of Big Bass
“...Bob Celico turned his back to the wind and faced a twinkling surf. He slid a hook through the nose of a squirming eel, and sweeping an 11 ½ foot - long rod over his head, he heaved the bait into the darkness and slowly reeled it back, repeating this over and over until his shoulder grew tired. And then something rare happened. A school of enormous fish passed by.”

The Lure That Got Away
Or did it? “Daignault threaded a hook through the hollow body of a Red Gill and rigged it as a teaser. And when he started lobbing this strange rig into the Cape Cod surf – wham – he found he could barely hold onto his rod.”

Seasoned Salt - An interview with Frank Daignault
“There are many measures, most of them foolish, by which we judge fishing success. Daignault transcends them all and should be seen as a cultural treasure, a man who has evolved with the sport and documented its trends through firsthand observations.”

Rocco DeTeso
Harbor Delights - Your Rod Sleeps with the Fishes 
“Blinding and flashing lights hit us like a hammer, an overwhelming roar screamed in our ears. Dom's dark silhouette radiated light as he performed a little dance like a squirrel stuck in the middle of road dodging traffic. He ducked to the right, dodged to the left and finally broke towards dry land, rod and reel in hand, line dragging closely behind. Not a pretty sight, for this was once a proud man.”

Massachusetts Salt Water Fishing License, A Different Opinion
“One of the most intelligent persons I have ever met was a fellow who agreed with most all of my opinions on everything. The most ignorant, uninformed lout I have ever met was an unwashed Neanderthal type. This guy didn't see one thing my way. In fact ....”

Jason Donnelly
Defining the Undefinable, Keeper Memories
“Happiness is water filled waders, a slippery rock, and a empty cooler.”

This Tastes Like Bass!
“ sure is turning into one giant conflict. I gotta work to fish and if I gotta work to fish then how the hell am I gonna fish if I'm at work?”

Bob Thomas, Jr
The Striper Fisherman
“Everyone gasps in amazement as the fish breaches the surface and with a splash, re-enters the water. This fish in huge! The angler is becoming exhausted from the fight but the brief sight of the fish gives him strength. With the rod bending and the drag of the reel screaming....”

Captain Jim Freda - Shore Catch Guide Service
Here's a special section of articles by Jim. He is recognized as one of New Jersey’s top Inshore and Offshore saltwater fishing guides, from medium Big Game tackle down through fly and light tackle. An accomplished outdoor writer and author, his first book, Fishing the New Jersey Coast won the New Jersey Center for the Book Award as one of the most notable NJ books. The book covers over 140 locations from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Go HERE for complete information on Jim.

Captain Gene Quigley - Shore Catch Guide Service Offsite Link
The Versatile Lefty's Deceiver
"For the saltwater fly fisherman, choosing a fly can sometimes become a challenging task. Whether it's your first cast ever into the suds, or your thousandth, an uncontrollable rush takes over as you begin to wonder what lies in the deep blue waters ahead."

The Northeast Grand Slam
"For those who have never fished a "true" blitz, this is when one, or more, type of gamefish have packed together in tight schools and cornered a large amount of bait in a specific area. These "blitzes" can last anywhere from five minutes to five hours depending on the circumstances, and, the amount of forage that is present."

Spring Tactics - Trophy Stripers on the Fly
"If you fly fish in Saltwater here in the Northeast, eventually you will come to grips with the lure of catching large stripers on the fly. Sure, catching stripers of any size on fly tackle is enjoyable, but what if I was to tell you that you could catch the striped bass of a lifetime next Spring on the fly. Would you still rather catch schoolies? I don't think so."

Joe Lyons - Offsite Link

Fishing Rhode Island: A South Shore Primer
"Up the tide, down the tide, all season long, Rhode Island's south shore holds the possibility of trophy fish. But with twenty miles of oceanfront, much of it distinguishable only in its sameness, where should one begin? Which tide and time of year is best? What wind direction? Fortunately, one can never be one hundred percent sure. ."

Fishing Rhode Island On the Cheap
"Rhode Island's south facing beaches and inlets light up when a southwest wind flow develops and the fishing becomes much more reliable and easier to decipher. If you are planning a visit for the spring run, I recommend. ."

Staying Safe in the Surf 
"This article will cast some light on what happens when things go terribly wrong while surfcasting and what can be done to prevent such unfortunate accidents."
I think for a moment. "I need to...."

The Efficient Surfcaster
"Ever find yourself on the beach fumbling for this-or-that while the fish are breaking, or ever get to your favorite spot only to find you forgot your pliers? Well - I have. By nature, I'm not the most organized person, but over time I've learned a few things that have helped me along. I've also had the shortcomings of my organizational ability pointed out to me in the way of missed fish and missed opportunities."

The Return to Heavy Tackle 
Save your light tackle for Spring schoolies, Joe explains why, if you fish from May through the end of the season your tackle must be capable of handling the bigger fish that are now in our waters.

Dragging the Eel and Other Lessons Learned
"I confess, some time ago, while preparing to leave a small cove after a night of surf fishing, I committed a surfcasting sin: I decided to look into the water using a...."

What if the fish threw a blitz and nobody came! 
"I glanced up, and was flabbergasted. From just inside the breachway, to perhaps three hundred yards seaward, and just as wide in every direction, was a thick mass of bait and stripers. Above this maelstrom swarmed dozens of large seabirds; herring gulls, black-back gulls, and gannets - all diving and feeding on big herring. It was one of the largest concentrations of fish I have ever seen. The fish were so close a one-armed fisherman could reach them with his worst cast."

Dave Micus
The One That Got Away
"I tried to regain line, but the fish would not budge. The pressure I exerted made him run again, but, fortunately, this run was toward and parallel to the shore. I half-ran half-stumbled toward him, regaining line as I went. I could see his dorsal and tail fins protruding from the water. This was a very big fish."

The Fanatic 
"You convince your spouse that, yes, perhaps you do take fishing a bit too seriously, but she should be grateful that you're not like (in my case) Jim, elaborating with anecdotes that make Jim look like he's ready for a twelve step program. Looking good by making others look bad is a skill we all learn in childhood, and it's still a useful strategy for disguising vices like drinking and fly-fishing."

"When I get home my wife is at the kitchen table drinking coffee. She looks up when I enter and I can see that she's been worried.
"I can't believe you went out in this fog!" she frets. "You need to be more careful!"
I think for a moment. "I need to...."

Randy Kadish
Chapter 11: The Fly Caster Who Tried to Make Peace with the World

Going Back Again
"A fiery corridor of reflected sunlight blazed at right angles to the advancing, gently breaking waves. The long beach was spotted with only a few clumps of people. Instantly, nature painted over the images in my mind of a fast-moving, automobile-choked, concrete city. Suddenly, I was as calm as the beach. The five years I had been away seemed to have collapsed into five days."

Fishing Beneath a Marble Sky 
“I looked up. The thick, gray clouds seemed to form a high ceiling, reminding me of the inside of a huge, marble building. Though the blue sky was closed off, the forecast didn’t predict rain; so the clouds weren’t ominous, especially because they were somewhere between gray and white. ”

Fight Wind: Learn The Double Haul
Reach That Faraway Target

Tim Hallbauer
Memories of Fishing the Cape May Jetties
"There were three of us there, myself, a friend and …the Shadow. We soon learned the error of our ways. A few times his Hopkins whizzed past our heads or dropped right next to us as a result of a nearly vertical cast. After about 10 minutes my friend and I beat a hasty retreat to the beach. He remained on the rocks. No skill, but plenty of persistence."

Steve Panus
Memories of the Navesink
"As luck would have it, another boat happened by, and the gentlemen on it had had a spectacular day with weaks and blues. They asked if we wanted any since they had so much, and we were more than happy to relieve them of some. Pop, being the joker he is, told the guys to "throw" them over so he could tell the women back home that we had "caught" them."

Hugh Welsh
Crabbing for Bass 
"There was a four foot striped bass in three feet of water trying to shake the bunker head off the line. I stood there in shock for a second, then yanked the drop line somehow believing that the fish would choke on the head and I would get him. There was a huge boil and she was gone. "

Frank Gray Griswold
Some Fish and Some Fishing JR Steers
Two chapters from this book, published in 1921. What you will read will amaze you and keep in mind that all references to the past were really in the past - the 1800's!

Charles B. Church
Taking the Record Striped Bass of 1913 
This is an extremely interesting and very impressive story. It was 1913, the era of split bamboo rods, reels without drags, braided linen fishing line, skiffs rather than big center console sport fishermen, and a man on the oars rather than outboard motors.

Alan Landry
Stars and Stripers
"It came as one of life’s little surprises, and put an end to my constant hunt for striped bass when my National Guard unit was activated and deployed to Iraq. Before I knew what hit me, I was standing on the runway with my field gear and my duffel bag, staring up at the giant military transport that would whisk me off to the far side of the globe."

Romance and Bluefish
"Slowly I was becoming aware that there was some sound that had awakened me. was the sound of screaming sea gulls .... It seemed that every sea gull in Rhode Island was wheeling and diving out over the surf. As I stumbled around for my gear, my excessive nymphet gave me a sleepy sigh from the bed, and raised one arm in a seductive ‘come hither’. I thought to myself.... "

Monty Campuzano
You Can Never Say No to the Call of the Sea!
"Until a few years ago, for me, fishing was always an adventure that didn't happen often enough, or I used the trip as an escape into solitude. Fortunately, I am now aggressively pursuing it as a sport, and learning, or relearning things that were not important to me before. I want to know if I'm as good at this as I think I can be."

Scott Lewis
First Striper
"I made my way over to a rock... all the while getting tossed by the waves. I felt like a human pinball bouncing off all of those rocks. I stood up only to be blown off the rock by a nasty breaker! After spitting out a lungful of water, I got to my rock and saw fish breaking everywhere! My first blitz!"

Captain Bruce Peters  Capeshores Charters
Fishing Instinctively 
"There are times when I get a sense or a hunch about a spot or a place, some call it "reading the water" others even try to teach this skill, but mostly its the subconscious remembrances of fishing spots we’ve visited before. An important thing I’ve learned is not to discount these hunches or premonitions as they are your natural fishing instincts telling you what to do."

The Rips of Monomoy - Part One
"Due south of Chatham Massachusetts, there lies Monomoy Island, a dividing barrier between warm Nantucket sound water and shallow flats to the west and cold churning ocean water to the east."
The Rips of Monomoy - Part Two

Ken Sigvardson
East Coast Kayak Fishing
“Have you ever been fishing the surf only to watch fish breaking out of range? Have you ever watched boats in close enjoying great fishing while you are striking out on land? There is a way to get the best of both worlds.”

Pete Thomas
Fishing's Fast Lane
With the shout, "Coming through!" Dennis Spike embarked on one of his patented "Baja sleigh rides," over a glassy sea glimmering with life, but with the stench of death filling the air.

Richard Henderson
The Winter Wrecking Crews
"The fact that cod are capable of breaking the 200-pound mark and 30-plus pound pollack are occasionally pulled from the frigid depths is what lures many anglers from their warm homes into the arctic-like conditions that typically characterize offshore winter wreck trips. "

J. David Weidner
The Question Answered on the Surf
“Combat” striper fishing on Island Beach's infamous North Jetty, a place where few grown men dare to go. “I raised my rod to the heavens and thought of my grandfather who had fought many a similar striper challenge....”

The Last Cast, a Memoir 
"He caught his first bass the very next day, December 26th. On the beach, with the surf thundering and the wind blowing the Father pulled the bass free from the wash, hugged his Son and then he cried. When the boy asked him why he was crying he told him that December 26th was always a very special day for him."

Joan Bessieres
Joanie's Merit Guide
For thousands of years, men have tried to understand the rules when dealing with women. Finally, this Merit guide will help you to understand just how it works.

Ed Zaun
Fly Fishing the Salt
Numerous articles and a collection of instructions on saltwater fly patterns.
Quoting Ed: “I have a tendency to immerse myself in my hobbies. Well, a psychiatrist might call it a pathological trend toward obsession, but it doesn’t make me a bad person does it?”

Trophy Rigs
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Custom Tied Trophy Rigs
IGFA Wounded Warrior Project
NJ Beach Buggy Association

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