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StriperSurf Enterprises, LLC

Bob D'Amico's is one of the very earliest fishing websites; dating back to 1998, it was the first site to exclusively focus on striped bass. It's mission from day one was to be a reliable source for surf fishermen, especially new fishermen, to learn and share knowledge of striped bass and the sport.

In 2013 it continues to be the only saltwater fishing site with an ever growing repository of over 350 articles written by the top fishermen and authors in recreational sport fishing. The two most widely known contributing authors are, Shore Catch Guide Service's, Captain Jim Freda (Bio) and the legendary surfcaster, outdoors man and author Frank Daignault of Massachusetts (Bio), who has written six best selling books and bagged seven +50 Lb. Striped Bass. Since 1999 Daignault has hosted the “Ask Frank Daignault Forum” on StriperSurf, providing over 24,000 answers and comments to fishermen and a cadre of dedicated hunters.

No online operation as large and complex as StriperSurf could operate without help. With the kind assistance of Joe Laniewski, Jess Pierce, Manny Remelgado, Bob Ragati, Eric Rocha, Stan Creighton, Frank Navatta, Rob Switzer, Patrick O'Donnell, Marguerite Wash, and Bob DeLeonard (Captain of StriperSurf's three time surf fishing champion Team SS), StriperSurf continuously grows and its reputation as a positive, helpful resource is widely acknowledged by it's recreational sport fishing industry peers and clients.

The StriperSurf Team
Bob D'Amico Frank Daignault Capt. Jim Freda Capt. Steve Byrne
Bob D'Amico Frank Daignault Capt Jim Freda Capt. Steve Byrne
Joe Laniewski Jess Pierce Manny Remelgado
Joe Laniewski
Jess Pierce
Manny Remelgado
Frank Navatta Rob Switzer Bob Ragati Bob DeLeonard
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Bob Ragati
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Bob D'Amico

A surf fisherman from his early youth, he primarily “hunts” for striped bass but has caught various saltwater species on the East, West and southern coastal waters of the United States as well as on other Continents and Islands. Bob is one of those infamous night surf fishermen but occasionally can be seen during daylight in the Mantoloking to Island Beach area of New Jersey. During the summer he hangs out under an umbrella, listening to Yankees games on the beaches of Sea Girt or Stone Harbor, NJ.

In the late 70's, while working for the Engineered Products Division of Uniroyal Inc the issue of chlorofluorocarbon emissions into the atmosphere was already a major concern once the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica was linked to these gases. Bob was the principal of a small Uniroyal Strategic Business Unit which developed and marketed the first composite rubber and thermoplastic hose to reduce emissions of chlorofluorocarbon gases in mobile and aerospace air conditioning systems. That original product has developed over the years into the standard for the global air conditioning industry. Although the patents were assigned to Uniroyal, depriving Bob and his team of millions of dollars in royalties he considers it the the most important achievement of his life and his legacy.

During his business career he has lived in Ohio and Texas as well as a twelve year stint in Europe where he was the CEO of a group of seven companies specializing in highly sophisticated engineered components for the Military, Aerospace and Automotive industries. He was also a civilian advisor to NATO, SHAEF and coordinated projects with US Departments of Defense, State and Commerce. Bob's companies received recognition from several world leaders including Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, British Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, French President Francois Mitterand and U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. During the build up to the Gulf War his companies worked 24 x 7 to retrofit British and US Army armoured units for service in the desert.

While in Europe he also developed a liking for French Foie Gras, Brie covered with grape leaves, English “Bangers” and Beef Wellington as long as it was not cooked by an English chef.

Returning to US in 1993 he was recruited by a British conglomerate as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of thier US operations. His major challenge was to turn around a 400,000 sq foot manufacturing operation in a very poor area of central North Carolina. The turnaround was a huge success but after the NAFTA treaty he was ordered to build a new factory in Mexico and transfer all manufacturing there to cut labor costs! He told the CEO to "shove it" and returned to New Jersey. Upon his return North he did a career makeover and became the COO for a NJ based hi-tech networking and telecommunications hardware company.

He started on a shoestring with a pre-Pentium, 66Mhz PC back in 1998, without any training in HTML coding, but with fishing knowledge reaching back to the 1950's. He custom built his own "rocket" PC a few of years ago which gets all the latest component upgrades but it runs on Windows XP because Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8 suck. Since Bob hates Windows and all Microsoft products he does 95% of his work on a 2008 "model year" Apple Mac Pro desktop because it just works better than any PC running Windows. Best of all it never fails!

Wounded Warrior ProjectBring Sean Home Foundation

Using StriperSurf as his main vehicle Bob has been able to “give back” by supporting various non-profits from veteran's programs, child oriented charities, emergency relief, schools and most noteworthy, Mark DeAngelis and Bob D'Amico co-founded, this internatiomal campaign in September 2008 to help Capt. David Goldman regain custody of his son Sean, who had been abducted to Brazil in 2004. The campaign adroitly used major news outlets; Associated Press, Reuters, New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC plus NBC's Today Show and Dateline NBC. Working closely with US Congressman Christopher Smith of NJ, the campaign finally reached as high US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama before Sean was ordered home by the Supreme Court of Brazil. He returned to the USA on Christmas Eve 2009. With a worldwide presence, and under the direction of DeAngelis and now David Goldman, the Bring Sean Home Foundation continues to work seven days a week to help bring home other internationally abducted children. In 2011 after 8 years of growth, Bob spun off his fishing rigs business on StriperSurf to a new venture, Trophy Rigs. Offering fishermen worldwide the only online source of 100% custom tied bait fishing rigs, leaders and premium quality terminal tackle. Bob ties every single rig and leader to assure their quality; to date nearly 50 different fish species, both salt and freshwater from around the world have been verified as caught on Trophy Rigs and not one rig has ever been returned as defective or for failure! No world records yet but with thousands of rigs shipped each year it will happen!

A very lucky man he married his high school sweet heart, Carole and raised two beautiful girls, Jennie and Melissa who are graduates of the Antwerp International School in Belgium, Villanova University, Lehigh University and NYU. Today is he is the proud grandfather of two boys and two girls.

A resident of Princeton, and now Franklin Park, NJ, it's just a one hour drive to the nearest saltwater. He fishes with custom glass and stock Lamiglas and St. Croix graphite rods equipped with Avet, Penn and Fin-Nor Ahab reels. Incredibly over a lifetime of fishing, Bob has never caught a striped bass over 60 pounds!

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