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Surf Candy Fly Pattern
by Ed Zaun

Bob Popovics really hit a grand slam with this fly. It is easy to tie , easy to cast, imitates baitfish perfectly, and it holds up very well. This is the basic pattern for the Rubber Candy, Schoolie, and Spread Fly.

Surf Candy Photo Copyright  1999 E. Zaun

Stuff you'll need...
  • Hook: Mustad 34007 or equivalent
  • Wing: Ultra or Super Hair (light color), Silver Flash-a-boo, Darker Ultra or Super Hair.
  • Topping: Peacock Hurl
  • Body: 5-minute epoxy
  • Eyes: Stick-On Prismatic eyes
Tie it up...
  1. Place the hook in the vise and attach the tying thread.
  2. Starting about mid shank, tie in some Smoke Super Hair, pushing in down to ensure it surrounds the shank completely.
  3. Tie in about 16 strands of the Silver Flash-a-boo for a mid line. Allow the Flash-a-boo to extend about 1" longer than the Super Hair.
  4. Throw in a few half-hitches to lock it down.
  5. Tie in the darker colored Super Hair.
  6. Tie in about 6 strands of Peacock Hurl
  7. Whip Finish and cut the tying thread.
  8. Mix up some 5-minute epoxy and work it into the Super Hair from the hook eye all the way to the start of the bend. Make sure you completely saturate the wing fibers. Use the long fibers as a hand hold to form the silhouette you want. Make it thin, you've got a Sand Eel; make it a little fatter, you've got a Rainfish (Bay Anchovy) or a Spearing (Silversides). All you need to do is adjust the profile and colors a little bit.
  9. When the first coat of epoxy is completely cured, apply the gill slit with a fine red marker and place the eyes in position.
  10. Apply a thin second coat to finish the fly.
Copyright © 1999 - 2013 Ed Zaun, All Rights Reserved
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