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Spread Fly Pattern
by Ed Zaun

This fly is another of the variations of the Surf Candy by Bob Popovics. The purpose of this variation is to provide a wide profile lure, but with translucent qualities for clear water fishing. This one casts very well, because it is very sparse, as well as being very easy to tie.

Spread Fly Photo Copyright  1999 E. Zaun

Stuff you'll need...
  • Hook: Mustad 34007 or equivalent
  • Wing: Ultra Hair or Super Hair, for this paricular one, I used Smoke, Yellow and Sea Foam Green
  • Body: 5-minute Epoxy
  • Eyes: Stick-On Prismatic Eyes.
Tie it up...
  1. Place the hook in the vise and attach the tying thread.
  2. This fly is tied completely at the hook eye. Start with a sparse clump of Smoke Super Hair and psuh it down on to the shank so it goes all the way around. Put a few wraps to hold it in place.
  3. Tie in a small clump of the Yellow Super Hair on top of the Smoke.
  4. Tie in a small clump of the Sea Foam Green on top of the Yellow.
  5. Whip Finish and cut the tying thread. You don't need to get elaborate here, the epocy will hold verything in place.
  6. Now, mix up some epoxy and work it into the fibers of the Super Hair from the hook eye to about mid shank. Make sure you saturate the fibers thoroughly.
  7. When the epoxy sets, but is still warm and pliable, wet your fingers in Photo-Flo and squeeze the body into as vertical a profile as you can get. Pulling the fibers gently up will help re-distribute them and align them properly.
  8. When the epoxy is completely set, make a gill slit if you would like one with a fine red marker and place the eyes in position
  9. Apply a thin second coat of epoxy to the fly to seal in the eyes and give the body a smooth surface.
Copyright © 1999 - 2013 Ed Zaun, All Rights Reserved
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