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Schoolie Fly Pattern
by Ed Zaun

The Schoolie is a neat variation of the Surf Candy and shows just how imaginative Bob Popovics really is. It imitates two or more small bait fish for those times when the fish are slashing through the bait and can't single out any one target.

Schoolie Photo Copyright  1999 E. Zaun

Stuff you'll need...
  • Hook: 2x or 3x long shank or a keel hook. Sized 1/0
  • Tail: White or Smoke Ultra Hair, Sliver Flash-a-Boo
  • Topping: Olive or any darker colored Ultra Hair
  • Body: 5-minute Epoxy
  • Eyes: Stick-On Prismatic Eyes
Tie it up...
  1. If you're using a standard long shank hook, bend it into the shape you see in the picture. Be careful not to intrude too much on the gap. Try to keep the top bend as close to the hook eye as possible. Ideally, you want the top bend to be even with the point. Thie way the tail from the top body will hide the point.
  2. Place the hook in the vise and attach the tying thread for the bottom body.
  3. Tie in a sparse amount of The Smoke or White Ultra Hair, and top it with a few starnds of the Flash-a-Boo
  4. Top all of that with the darker Ultra Hair. In this pattern, I used Smoke and Olive.
  5. Throw in a few half-hitches to lock it down.
  6. Cut the tying thread off and move it to the next body location. With a longer shanked hook, you can get up to three bodies on one hook.
  7. Repeat Steps 2 - 5 as needed until you have all the bodies you want on this hook.
  8. Mix up some epoxy and work from the bottom up, saturating the Ultra Hair.
  9. When all the bodies have the first coat and it is set up, take a red fine point Magic Marker and draw in the gill slit. It is so easy to do it doesn't bear omitting. Place the eyes where you want them.
  10. Mix up some more epoxy and apply a thin second coat to seal in the eyes and gill slit. This will also smooth out the body.
Copyright © 1999 - 2013 Ed Zaun, All Rights Reserved
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