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Sand Eel Fly Pattern
by Ed Zaun

This is a simple little pattern for those times when Sand Eels (Sand Launces) are present. It also makes a good dropper (teaser) fly.

Sand Eel Photo Copyright  1998 - 2004 E. Zaun

Stuff you'll need...
  • Hook: Mustad 34007 or equivalent
  • Thread: Gray or Olive
  • Tail: Pearl Crystal Flash, Yellow Saddle, Light Olive Saddle
Tie it up...
  1. Place the hook in the vise and attach the tying thread.
  2. Tie in a small amount of the Crystal Flash and extend it about 3 inches.
  3. Tie in a smallish ( 2 1/2" ) yellow saddle, and cover it with a light olive one of the same size. These hackles should be tied flat to mimic the narrow shape of a Sand Eel.
  4. Form the body with the tying thread, starting just above the point and working forward.
  5. Whip Finish and apply your favorite head cement.
  6. I told you it was simple.
Copyright © 1999 - 2013 Ed Zaun, All Rights Reserved
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