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Twenty Years on the Cape
My Time as a Surfcaster
by Frank Daignault

nce they passed into the cooler water east of Monomoy, the rythmn of their pace seemed to accelerate. There were a few thousand of them, their flanks glistening slightly among the ones nearer the surface. Still, from most anglers they were ghostlike because their lateral lines caused them to blend with the ever changing strat lines of the water and its bars.

They moved oblivious to the currents of the Monomoy Cut, unconscious to the rise in tide from the north, determined by a course set by a millennium of previous generations.

o begins Frank Daignault's classic book, Twenty Years On The Cape. A family biography on rod and reel commercial fishing from the beach for striped bass set on Cape Cod, Massachusetts during the 60's and 70's. The late Frank Woolner, reviewing for SaltWater Sportsman in 1990 said:

"Daignault's is a love story of wonderful fireside reading for all who adore Cape Cod and its storied mix of striped bass and bluefish. While the author has worked in many anecdotes, he does not neglect the occasionally different and productive techniques from years on the beaches. Daignault is a skilled writer who can combine how-to and romance to ensure pleasant reading. It is the story of an era that we will probably never see again."

Daignault has woven the rise and fall of striper populations with the growing up of his four children who ply the “Striper Surf” during their formative years. The book drips with the kind of adventure that it would take a lifetime to experience. Reviewing for the New Jersey Beacon, Rick Heinze said,

"If you think the most hazardous surf fishing episode is a night on the 8th Street jetty, read the chapter entitled "Aces and Eights", and you'll be spitting out sand in your living room."

Twenty Years ... was first published by M/T Publications in 1989 and soon went out of print. It has been a much sought after striper book since the post moratorium period of increased interest in striper fishing which inspired multiple print runs. Judith Bowman, New York rare outdoor books collector, sold a mint copy February '98 at a trade show for $35 and said that she could have sold a hundred. If you find a first edition, save it!

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Frank Daignault is the author of Striper Surf, Twenty Years on the Cape, Striper Hot Spots, The Trophy Striper, Eastern Tides and Fly Fishing the Striper Surf. Autographed books can be purchased directly from Frank; Order Form »

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